Rainy boat trip on river Kamchia

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Rainy boat trip on river Kamchia

It was another rainy day today at river Kamchia.rain in kamchia river

For us nature doesn’t have bad weather, therefore, such a beautiful rain was only a great motivation to make more boat trips on river Kamchia.
We had only few trips, but they were the most memorable and beautiful. It’s different, and most of the people won’t prefer to even go out of their homes during the rain, but sometimes it happens that all of a sudden the rain would come.
Our visitors kept asking “So what if the rain came while we are on a boat trip?”. Well, our boats are covered with a roof to make the trip joyful during the sunny and the rainy days… and really, the rain came while we were in the middle of the trip. It was a private boat trip at this time and each moment was captivating. Wow, nobody expected such mesmerizing views.

kamchia rain boat trip

We were reaching the end of the river, the place where you should make your wish. This place never looks the same, but when it’s rainy, it’s calling you to keep staying at this place. We were keep rounding because our visitors couldn’t get enough of the view. They returned so happy and refreshed, and truly loved the “Rainy boat trip on river Kamchia”.

kamchia river beautiful
A boat trip right after the rain

The rain finished and even more beautiful views were revealed. At first, mist appeared above the river (vapors). This was looking so mysterious and wonderful, that people in the boat stood up and just watched.

They were amazed by this natural phenomena.after rain kamchia
The mist stayed just few minutes, and after this everything around became so bright again. People stood up again to watch how the sun is passing through the clouds.
Each boat trip on river Kamchia is different, each is beautiful, but what is during and after the rain – indescribably beautiful.  

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