Boat trip on river Kamchia 

boat trips on river kamchia

Boat trip on river Kamchia 

Boat trip on river Kamchia

kamchia boat
boat Lucy @ Kamchia

Making a boat trip on river Kamchia is one of the most accessible attractions near Varna, Bulgaria, which for many years delights families. The incredibly beautiful tropical rainforest “Longoz”, together with the river and the sea at the same place makes a unique combination, that attracts visitors from all over the world. Whether you are visiting Kamchia resort for your photo shoot, a special occasion, for a walk in the nature or just for sunbathing at the beach – there is something for everyone who came here. But each of these events is invariably combined with a boat trip, which is carried out all year round by boats “Lucy”, “Longoz”, “Swallow White”.

What is like a boat trip?

Kamchia motorboat
Boat Longoz @ Kamchia

The duration of the classic boat trip is 30 minutes, starting from the pier of boats Lucy, Longoz and Swallow White, passing the fishing village, reaching the reserve, then traveling to the sea panorama (the mouth of the river) and back to the pier. In case of preliminary reservations and special inquiries, non-standard orders are executable. The boat trip by boat White Swallow, for example, lasts up to 45 minutes.

During the trip our captains conduct an excursion about the Kamchia biosphere natural reserve in your preferred language. We have experience in serving tourists with different preferences, and we insist that each visitor receive what he came for.

When is the best time to take a boat trip on the Kamchia River?

Each season brings its own peculiarities and beauties, and we are very pleased to introd

kamchia garden paddle boats
Seasons @ Kamchia

uce the visitors to the charming views of each season, regardless of the weather. Would you see water turtles, herons and other inhabitants of the reserve – depends on when you take the trip, and even if it rains or the sun is hot – each boat trip has its advantages. Each excursion is different, unique and beautiful by itself. If you want to choose the best time for your boat trip with a photo shoot – contact us. The time you choose for the event is very important.


paddle boat kamchia
Paddle boat trip @ Kamchia

Paddle boat on river Kamchia.

After a boat trip, why not trying  As a matter of fact, the water bike can overcome the same route in just 1 hour! Still, the time for using the paddle boat is unlimited, as long as within the light part of the day.

Here you can book the paddle boat at a discounted rate.

How to buy tickets for a boat trip on river Kamchia?

boat trip with cat
Captain & Cat

Plan your trip and buy tickets online through our site. This will save you a lot of headache as you won’t need to mess with inconvenient offers right at the place, which our company is not responsible for. Choose the suitable ticket for you and just in half minute you will be done with the booking, as it will reflect in our system by the same time. Tickets purchased online can be used immediately and don’t require any printing. Through the site you can buy an unlimited number of single tickets. If you are 4 people – choose the family ticket. If you are up to 4 people and prefer no other passengers on board – choose the private boat trip ticket. This is the best option if you want to enjoy an individual trip only for you and your closest. Boat Private boat trip Kamchiatickets can also be purchased on site at the pay desk. To avoid any possible scammers at the area, please note that the pay desk is located only inside the garden of boats Lucy and Longoz. Assure that a receipt was given to you by purchasing tickets on site.

If you have an inquiry, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger or a call.

Why do you need to book your boat trip on river Kamchia in advance?

captain Kamchia
Our Captain

If you have purchased your tickets online, you don’t need to do anything extra. You can only contact us if you will have any special requirements to your trip.

If you are still planning your trip and didn’t make the online booking, it is advisable to let us know that you are on your way at least 20 minutes prior your arrival. Then our team will prepare the inventory in accordance with your request, as well will have the time to greet your company.

Why Lucy, Longoz & Swallow White?

Since 1964, we have been dealing with tourist services, for the third generation. Our company insists on quality

boat Swallow White Kamchia
Boat Swallow White @ Kamchia

service, so the atmosphere created outside and during the boat trip is extremely important to us. All customers can use free parking, WC with access for disabled, and more. As soon as you enter our magnificent yard, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the nature around. This is a magical, colorful garden that will take you away from everyday life. The place, except for a relaxing stay by the river Kamchia with your family, can be used for a picnic, private party (with prior reservation), photo shoot or for your meditation.
Boat “Longoz” has 20 passenger seats, which gives it priority for larger companies. Boats “Lucy” and “Swallow White” have 12 seats each. “Swallow White” differs from all other boats with its classic shape of the old wooden boats. It is the smallest and most preferred boat for the nature and romance lovers – you will be really close to the river and the forest. “White Swallow” makes the longest boat trips on river Kamchia.

boat trip with a pet
Come with your pet!

A boat trip on river kamchia with your pet?

Pets on board of boats “Lucy”, “Longoz”, “White Swallow” are most welcome to enjoy the trips with you, for free! If you have decided to make your unforgettable trip with your four-legged friend and for some reason you think that this would create a problem or inconvenience for the other passengers – buy a private boat trip ticket.

How to reach the magic garden of boats “Lucy”, “Longoz”, “White Swallow”?

-By car

Kamchia Resort is located only 26 km. south of Varna. For your convenience you can use the provided location. The location has a parking lot for customers arriving by their car. The parking lot is located exactly at the entrance to the boats, near the river. Please note, our team doesn’t round anywhere in the resort, we only meet our guests at the entrance to the garden.

welcome to kamchia river
Welcome to our magnificent place!
Entrance to boat trips Kamchia
Entrance to boat trips Kamchia





-By a public bus

If you travel by bus from Varna, the bus-stop will be 1 km. distance from the pier.

Bus ticket schedule:
Kamchia garden
Our garden

Varna-Kamchia – every day at 08:40 departure from Central Varna Bus Station, arrival to Kamchia around 09:15

– every day at 15:50 departure from Central Vanra Bus Station, arrival to Kamchia around 16:20

Kamchia river mouth

Why to choose Kamchia for а best family vacation in Bulgaria?

The longest and widest beach in Bulgaria.

Did you know that Kamchia beach belongs to the longest and widest beach in Bulgaria? The sand-path is 13 km long, starting from the bungalows named “Rai”, “Romantica” in the north, reaching “Cherni nos” in the south. An ideal and favorite place for families to go to the beach, because the strip is extremely wide and clean. Beware, near the mouth of the river Kamchia, the beach is unguarded. Therefore we don’t recommend swimming there. The river, which flows into the sea, forms pits and underwater currents. This specific place is very dangerous for swimming


Peace and always fresh air.
Kamchia forest
Longoz Natural Reserve Kamchia

Truly, air in the Kamchia complex is incredibly enriched, thanks to the lush flora. Especially near the river, air gets so clean and saturated that every breath remains an unforgettable memory. Visitors come again and again to feel the power of nature in this magical place – where the river Kamchia flows into the Black Sea. A huge, untouched rainforest, beach and river flowing into the sea. Boats “Lucy” and “Longoz” know how to “anchor” in this special place, where you can see the most beautiful panoramic view.

The entire area is quiet most of the time, therefore it is a favorite place for families. In the central part there are some restaurants and entertainment for children. No clubs or discos. In most of the area, purity and silence prevail. Young people often come from the city just to get rid of the noise and take a real breath.

A Budget trip in BulgariaBoat trip with cat

Regardless of whether you want to stay in a bungalow, villa or hotel with breakfast lunch and dinner included, your vacation in Kamchia will not cost you much. The restaurants and shops in the resort maintain low prices, and entertainment prices are affordable for everyone. A night in a bungalow in the Kamchia resort vary between BGN 30 and 90 per night. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance, because often there is a shortage of accommodation, especially in August which is the highest of the season.

Are there Mosquitoes  in Kamcia resort?

The entire area is regularly treated against mosquitoes. So, there are only certain times when mosquitoes like to appear, like after rain, and in the evening after 20:00, but only when the weather is extremely calm. This won’t last long, especially by the river itself, because there is a constant breeze. Mosquitoes do not like the sun and wind. But the fans of evening water bike trips can use mosquito spray provided by us, but for a boat trip it is not necessary

Other tips you should note before your trip to Kamchia resort.

  • Kamchia is a small resort, mostly occupied by the wild topical forest and the beach. You won’t find clubs around, because the resort is located near by the natural reserve. This is why t’s really rare to see people enjoying a loud party at a restaurant in Kamchia.
    Kamchia is more about enjoying calmness and peace in a natural environment. 
  • Make sure you bring with you some cash. Most of the restaurants and shops in Kamchia resort won’t accept credit card payment. Nearest Cash machine is located at hotel “Longoz” in the resort.
  • Even if you came during the summer, sometimes the temperatures could suddenly drop, therefore always carry with you any summer top clothes. Especially in the evenings, it’s nothing like in the city. Feels cool!




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